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The Roosevelt Gambit

320 pages
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G.B. Eubanks, author of "The Roosevelt GAMBIT"

Welcome readers ...

I have always had a great love and a deep and abiding respect for history and the historical perspective. Much like the books I have enjoyed my entire life, this fictional story is completely interwoven with the truth of actual events, conjecture, a few intentional misrepresentations, and 149, or some such, personal or historical allusions.

My grandfather planted the seed for this book, when he would recount the story of a thirteen-year-old boy attempting to stowaway on a train with the Rough Riders as they passed through Spartenburg, South Carolina in 1898. Once he was on the train in one of the horse cars, he was caught by a short stocky man in a campaign hat and pince nez glasses—clearly Teddy Roosevelt—who told my grandfather that if he would go back to the farm and grow his crops, that would be the best contribution he could make to beating the Spanish and winning the war. So my grandfather promptly went to Charleston, South Carolina, signed on as a merchant seaman and spent the next ten years seeing the world.

All this sounded pretty good to a twelve year old; of course, later, I learned that granddaddy was born in 1875 and would have been 23, not 13, in 1898. But in my mind, this has only added to the mystique of the story.

With the Spanish-American War as a central connector for the story, it has evolved into a tale about one of those moments in history, when through no particular fault of anyone or anything beyond geographical location, a place like Columbus, New Mexico becomes the epicenter of an international incident. An incident which any rational person of that day, would certainly have thought would lead to a war between the United States and the Republic of Mexico; which of course, was exactly the intended result.

In this story, Pancho Villa’s raid on Columbus, New Mexico was the catalyst for what was to come.