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The Roosevelt Gambit

320 pages
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About G. B. Eubanks,
author of "The Roosevelt Gambit"

G. B. Eubanks was born in Charlotte and raised on the coast of North Carolina. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in 1971 with a BA in History and minor in Business. He was a successful entrepreneur in Carteret County where he developed and owned convenience stores, two carwashes and an interest in commercial real estate.

He graduated from Campbell University School of Law in 1979, with a Juris Doctor degree. When he graduated his goal was to be a trial lawyer, and he was, for exactly ten years to the day. Since then, he has operated as a consultant to multi-state land developers and timeshare resort developers as well as to the telemarketing industry.

He is a life long student of American history and in the 6th grade, the teachers had him visit all of the 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes to give talks on the Civil War. In the past he has written for trade magazines in his specialties: timeshare registrations, telemarketing strategies and multi-state developments HUD Property Reports.

His first visit to the west was as a Boy Scout attending a Jamboree in Colorado Springs, Colorado, fell in love with the west, and moved permanently to New Mexico in 2004 to write and hike the stand-alone desert mountains. He still has hiking to do in New Mexico: and has particularly enjoyed hikes to Bandelier National Monument; Canon de Schelly National Monument; and Chaco Canyon; next up is Death Valley and then, the northern California redwoods, hopefully, he says, before some idiot burns them down.

Mr. Eubanks began the Roosevelt Gambit (not the original title) while living in New Mexico from 2001 to 2002 but walked away from it for a few years, finishing it recently.

The final version represents ten rewrites. The Roosevelt Gambit is the first of a trilogy about the Hanshaw family and American history.