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The Roosevelt Gambit

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Location photos

Welcome to the website for my book the Roosevelt Gambit. I'm G. B. Eubanks and I would like to thank you for spending some time with me.

The pictures you will be seeing will take us on a trip into the Gila National Forest and to the Gila Cliff Dwellings. Along the way, I will relate the pictures to the pertinent portions of the book.

I'm afraid that any description I might have made, as you will see, did not do justice to the majesty of the Gila.

1-Above the Gila River Basin
  • 1-Above the Gila River Basin
    Picture from about 7500' looking down in the Gila River Basin
    Along the trail used by the Hanshaw-Roosevelt Hunting Party.
  • 2-Above West Fork of Gila River Basin
    Looking down into the Gila River Basin - West Fork
    Along the trail used by the Hanshaw-Roosevelt Hunting Party
  • 3-North Fork of the Gila River
    The North Fork of the Gila River
    Near the campsite of the Hanshaw-Roosevelt Hunting Party
  • 4-Cliff Dwellers Canyon entrance
    The Entrance to Cliff Dwellers Canyon
  • 5-100 yds into Cliff Dwellers Canyon
    About 100 yards heading into Cliff Dwellers Canyon
  • 6-small stream into canyon
    The small stream that the Trail into the Canyon crosses in several places
  • 7-RR station sized boulder
    The railroad station sized boulder in the middle of the canyon
    Where Bagbee and company waited to ambush Hanshaw and or Roosevelt
  • 8-Cliff Dwelling from Canyon
    The first time one can see the Cliff Dwellling from the Canyon Floor
  • 9-Present day bath to cliff dwellings
    Looking up the present day path/steps to the level of the Cliff Dwellings
    At the top of the steps / the location of the initial ambush of the Hanshaw-Roosevelt Party
  • 10-Ambush location
    Natural walkway along the front of the Caves at the Cliff Dwellings
    The ambush location
  • 11-First cave of cliff dwellings
    The First Cave where Cliff Dwellings were built
  • 13-inside cliff dwellings
    Inside the Cliff Dwellings where Hanshaw & Roosevelt took shelter from the attack
  • 14-inside cliff dwellings-only 2 story
    Inside the Cliff Dwellings - the only 2 story dwelling
    Notice across the canyon to the right of the 2 story dwelling the location of the Lewis Gun
  • 15-Corn Crib
    The Corn Crib where Roosevelt hid from Fierro / Capt. Sanchez
  • 16-Looking up Cliff Dweller Canyon
    Looking up Cliff Dweller Canyon
    On the left, the shingle where the ambushers were hidden
  • 17-For shot at Lewis Gun
    The place where Leighton Hanshaw was located when he took the shot at the Lewis Gun
  • 18-Mouth of Cliff Dweller Canyon
    Looking at the mouth of Cliff Dweller Canyon
    From the trail used by Hanshaw and Roosevelt
  • 19-For shot at Bagbee
    The spot from which Hanshaw took the shot at Bagbee
    Then tumbled down the steep slope
  • 20-Flash flood locale
    The flash flood came down the Gila River here and met the flood waters coming down from Cliff Dweller Canyon
  • 21-Author returns to cliff dwellings
    G. B. Eubanks - Taking his 38th Trip to the Cliff Dwellings
  • 22-Pancho Villa State Park
    Pancho Villa State Park, Columbus, NM
    Looking at Cootes Hill - March 9, 2010
  • 22.5 PV Statue Across Border
    This statute of Pancho Villa is in hundreds of Mexican villages. He is the hero of the common people - who are not actually at all common!
  • 23-From Cootes Hill toward Mexico
    From Cootes Hill looking towards Palomas, Mexico about 3 miles away
  • 24-Remains of Slocums Headquarters
    The remains of Col. Slocums Headquarters
  • 25-Villa Raid Celebration
    Pancho Villa Raid Celebration
    Re-enactor on horse at top of Cootes Hill
  • 26-Author shakes hand of re-enactor
    G. B. Eubanks shaking the hand of a re-enactor
  • 27-Re-enactor horses
    Re-enactors' horses - They ride from all over Mexico to Columbus, NM for this event
  • 28-Mexican dancers
    Mexican dancers at the festivities
    It is an interesting event and worth the trip
    Always on the weekend closest to March 9
  • 29-spectators join dancers
    The spectators join the dancers

1-Above the Gila River Basin